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Has Bitcoin proven to be a reliable store of value

Has Bitcoin proven to be a reliable store of value in 2020? Experts‘ answers

Experts in blockchain and crypto technology answer the question about Bitcoin’s path in 2020

Without a doubt, 2020 was unlike any other year of the 21st century: the COVID-19 pandemic, the relentless money printing of governments around the world, the new normal of „lockdowns“ and „social distancing,“ protests against racial discrimination and police violence, and so on. Some even called it „the worst year ever.“ But, as they say, even the worst things have a silver lining. The most important thing is to learn from everything Bitcoin Up we have faced and to improve our world and our future, as there are some problems we have to solve ourselves.

It is also true that 2020 was a significant year not only for people around the world, but also for Bitcoin (BTC): the third halving, the growing attention from institutional investors and global regulators, the 12th anniversary of its white paper, etc. Some have even described the genesis blockchain as the ‚New Testament‘ of finance, and others suggest using it for the utopian idea of a universal basic income. Bitcoin received global attention due to the Twitter hack in mid-July, bringing the crypto community together in defence of its integrity after the event again combined the terms ‚Bitcoin‘ and ’scam‘ in the same headline. In October, PayPal announced the integration of crypto payments, and in November Bitcoin landed on the Wall Street Journal homepage for its 80% rise.

Will PayPal succeed in bringing cryptos to the general public?

In the early 2020s, it would have been hard to imagine how the world would change and how fast these changes would be. Despite all the negative consequences of the ongoing crisis due to COVID-19, there have been some positive developments, at least within the crypto sector. For example, Bitcoin’s volatility has decreased since its peak in mid-March, and the pandemic has highlighted the main cryptocurrency’s most important asset: its decentralised nature. Some have even said that the pandemic has underlined the benefits of cryptocurrencies for the world. And while Europe moved towards a cashless world, the US remained more conservative and did not want to give up paper money.

Experts explain how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the crypto sector

The impact of COVID-19 has made one thing clear: the current financial system has serious problems that could be solved by Bitcoin and the technology on which it is based. And the similarities between the two recent financial crises, the 2008 and the 2020 pandemic crises, revealed the systemic problems of centralised finance. While the first crisis gave birth to Bitcoin, the current one has pushed people towards decentralised technology and Bitcoin on a large scale, in the context of the global economic recession. Some even believe that over the next decade Bitcoin will play a key role in the transformation of the global economy, dubbed „The Great Reset,“ and the mass adoption of crypto will be driven by the millennial generation.

It is estimated that since the beginning of the year in May, central banks have printed $15 trillion to support anti-pandemic measures and save global economies, sacrificing the US dollar, as described by some. And these measures have shifted people’s attention to alternative financial instruments, making Bitcoin a hedge against inflation and even an alternative to traditional finance. Some have even suggested that governments should make a monetary transition to Bitcoin to solve public debt problems.

Nie kupię bitcoina, dopóki jego wartość przekracza 20 000 USD – Jim Cramer

Bitcoin przyciągnął w ostatnich miesiącach wielu inwestorów, w tym inwestorów i instytucje o dużej wartości netto. Wśród tych inwestorów jest Jim Cramer, który jest gospodarzem programu Mad Money w CNBC.

Cramer powiedział, że nadal „ bawi się pieniędzmi domu “ po tym, jak sprzedał część swoich kryptowalut przed niedawnym załamaniem cen

Przemawiając w wywiadzie dla TheStreet, Cramer powiedział , że nadal wierzy w Bitcoin pomimo korekty ceny o 10 000 dolarów w ciągu ostatnich trzech dni. Szybko jednak dodał, że jest mało prawdopodobne, aby nabył więcej bitcoinów, chyba że cena ponownie spadnie poniżej 20 000 USD. Skomentował:

„Moim celem było odzyskanie gotówki, więc nie muszę o tym myśleć. Jeśli cena spadnie poniżej 20 000 USD, znowu będę kupującym.

Ale poznałem swój koszt i bawię się pieniędzmi domu.

Nie różni się to niczym od całkowicie nieregularnego zapasu

Popularny gospodarz CNBC potwierdził, że w zeszłym tygodniu „sprzedał wystarczająco dużo Bitcoinów”, aby pokryć początkowe udziały w kryptowalutach. Cramer podobno zdobył swój pierwszy bitcoin w połowie grudnia, kiedy cena oscylowała w granicach 17 000 dolarów, określając go wówczas jako „przyzwoity poziom”.

Cena bitcoina straciła ponad 23% w ciągu kilku dni po osiągnięciu rekordowego poziomu ponad 42 000 USD 8 stycznia. W chwili pisania tego tekstu jej cena waha się między 33 500 a 34 500 USD.

IOTA deepens partnership with climate research community EIT Climate-KIC

The IOTA Foundation wants to deepen its partnership with the climate research community EIT Climate-KIC founded by the European Union.

IOTA wants to further deepen the existing partnership with the climate research community EIT Climate-KIC founded by the European Union , as the IOTA Foundation announced in a blog post on December 30th .

According to IOTA, the partners have signed a letter of intent to increase efforts in 2021 to achieve long-term climate goals based on the “long termism” approach.

Sustainability as a goal

IOTA had already published details about the “long termism” concept in a blog post the day before . From his point of view, current global challenges such as climate change and environmental degradation are “due to short-term optimizations in our social systems and organizations”.

Financial investments would be “judged by their return in a few years” and “resources would be exploited despite negative long-term externalities”, but this need not necessarily be the case. Such long-term solutions are to be developed together with EIT Climate-KIC.

Approaches such as the “Internet of (Every) Thing” as an extension of the Internet of Things could enable processes to be optimized for better sustainability through data monitoring. Decentralized markets, digital assets and “self-sovereign identities” could play an important role in this.

IOTA co-founder and chairman of the IOTA Foundation sees an important contribution in the long-term orientation of IOTA:

“For the IOTA Foundation, working on sustainability is an exciting challenge: We may concentrate on developing things that are of real benefit to people today, but as a foundation geared towards the common good, we have to address the long-term consequences of ours As well as working with our community and other organizations to devise a long-term future that we want to achieve together. “

Cooperation since 2019

The IOTA Foundation had the research community EIT Climate KIC of the EU-funded European Institute for Technology (EIT) is already 2019 connected . KICs are knowledge and innovation communities coordinated by the EIT. The EIT Climate KIC belong in Germany in addition to research institutions such as the Technical University of Berlin and the Technical University of Munich, companies and think tanks to.

Stapsgewijze handleiding voor de Binance Exchange (P2P-handel) – Deel II

Binance biedt P2P-handel waarbij kopers en verkopers hun activa rechtstreeks kunnen uitwisselen via de online marktplaats.

In ons vorige artikel hebben we uitgelegd hoe u een nieuwe account op de Bitcoin Pro beurs kunt aanmaken, crypto / fiat kunt storten en opnemen, de ene interne rekening naar de andere kunt overboeken, en het overzicht van de Fiat- en Spot-rekening.

In dit artikel zullen we zien hoe u P2P-handel kunt gebruiken en uitvoeren met uw account op de Binance- beurs.

Hoe werkt Binance P2P-handel?

Hoe crypto te verkopen met Binance P2P
Stap 1: overdrachtstoken van Spot Wallet naar P2P Wallet
Stap 2. Betaalmethode toevoegen
Stap 3: plaats een verkooporder

Belangrijk: het wordt aanbevolen om met de andere partij te communiceren via de chatservice als u voor het eerst met de gebruikers handelt. De chatgeschiedenis kan worden gebruikt in geval van betwisting en u kunt er beroep op instellen.


„Peer-to-peer“ (P2P) -handel is een vorm van handelen waarbij de koper en verkoper hun crypto- en fiat-activa rechtstreeks uitwisselen met behulp van een online marktplaats en escrow-diensten.

Voor P2P-handel moeten gebruikers de KYC-verificatie voltooien

Gebruikers kunnen hun profiel verifiëren door een door de overheid geautoriseerd identiteitsbewijs en een live gezichtsherkenningsproces te geven.

Klik op ID- en gezichtsverificatie en doorloop het verificatieproces. U ontvangt een e-mailbevestiging met betrekking tot de status van het verificatieproces.

Zodra het profielverificatieproces is voltooid, kunt u de P2P-handelsfunctie gebruiken.

U kunt de verschillende tokens zien die beschikbaar zijn voor P2P-handel.

Hoe werkt Binance P2P-handel?

Binance P2P is een peer-to-peer handelsmarkt waar gebruikers veilig crypto kunnen verhandelen in ruil voor hun gewenste lokale valuta. Het maakt gebruik van een escrow-service, een vertrouwde derde partij die de uitwisseling van activa tussen de betrokken partijen afhandelt en zorgt voor veilige en eerlijke handel.