Bitcoin begins to sideline at the top of $19,000. Some altcoins continue rallying. Check out the studies by TradingView analysts.

CSM Trader

The price of Bitcoin in some past sessions even tested the support in the price area of $ 18,620 just above the EMA 100 (H1); after arriving in the price area of $ 19,419 and thus making another annual high.

Now at the time of writing the Bitcoin price follows above the $19,160 price area and with that the evolutions and consolidations should occur above the $18,900 and $19,000 price area to give the continuity of evolutions and attempts of positive evolutions above the resistance in the $19,400 price area and with that the attempt to advance above the $19,500 price area may occur.

The Bitcoin price still needs good consolidations above the $19,200 and $19,300 price area in order to gain strength and advance above $19,500 for new consolidations above this price area, and with that the evolutions and test above the $19,700 price area may arise, and thus the Bitcoin price will be very close to breaking its historical price in the $19,800 price area and still be able to extend above $20,000, and thus making a new historical top. (see dynamic chart).

Allan Jhones

The ETH yesterday (24) made the expected correction, not up to 560 more until the 20-period moving average, which was rising as the day went by. The price reached 580 on average and formed a bottom from which it has risen again so far. The ETH is expected to test the 620 once more and in case of a break it can happen a strong high, up to 750. Already if the resistance is respected a correction can lead to support at 560. (see dynamic chart).


ETH Cryptomeda on the BTC pair is showing a trend reversal by holding the weekly dragon and the daily showed a strong momentum.

Keep an eye on this crypto superstar, I also like BTC but we should go where we see the biggest profits. (see the dynamic chart).

Fabio Pereira

Since its historic high in January 2018, the XRP currency has depreciated against the dollar and has lost more than 95% of its value. But the time for devaluation is over. We have reached the maximum monthly fractal bottom and are now preparing to rise.

Finally we stop falling and start the movements that will start the Legendary Rally (well, we are in the first movements that will still generate it).
This means that from now on the tops will be higher than the previous ones and no bottom will exceed the maximum bottom marked on the chart. (see the dynamic graph).

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